ImPro – Advanced image processing technology

The image processing technology in Impro is completely written and optimized by Daily Opt expert.

ImPro is free but it delivers a completely different experience and efficiency from most of the existing software on the market today. ImPro is powerful, easy and flexible to use for all intents and purposes.

We provide video and image processing solutions with the ease of optimizing and solving all specific demands (with high performance for processing large volumes of images and videos).

Features introduced in ImPro:

  • Brightness and contrast adjustment: For the whole image, or segmentation: edit by segment light (Highlight), dark segment (Shadown).
  • Color correction: Cool/Hot color correction, Tint, Color Saturation. Balance the basic colors such as Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
  • Image sharpness adjustment with an exclusive X-Sharpen algorithm
  • Local calibration with masking technique (Mask)

Download the free version of ImPro

Technological strengths:

  • Image (video) quality enhancement by advanced algorithms.
  • The algorithms are optimized for real-time processing on basic computer systems without requiring high-speed GPU.
  • Research of specific processing methods for all practical needs of customers.


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